1 Bug & 1 Feature Request

So brand new 2.0 F350 and laser module (laser not here yet).

Luban has a couple quirks for sure, the hardware is awesome, but the software in luban I see a few issues.

Bug 1: My first print job I sent to the handheld device and then started. 14 hour project, got an hour in and in luban I opened the workspace and connected to see how it was going. Problem is that on the handheld it shows that it’s been disconnected and wants to confirm me to stop the job. I did hit this once, and had to start all over. The second time I let it run for another 13 hours and finish the job, but no way to get back to the handheld job status window. It shows I need to confirm stop engraving, which I’m not even engraving… point is, it needs a way when the desktop disconnects to go back to the job status on the handheld… close this window.

Request 1: While I don’t have the laser, I am playing around with it in luban and seeing a fairly disappointing feature when it says it is a 4-axis tool with the rotary and laser. In fact it’s not a 4-axis system as it will not laser engrave on the 4th axis, it is just rotating the surface it’s lasering. It should have a way to load an STL object so that it can adjust depth as well on that 4th axis. This is the point of having the rotary work on this machine with fancy linear steppers :slight_smile: Not just to turn it, but to turn it and also have the capable linears do their thing and adjust for height at certain areas. I feel that the loading of an STL instead of a wood cylinder is an essential step here and would improve the experience drastically. Not all my cylinders are uniform in dimensional material, but they are cylindrical and work in the rotary. A cone is a great example, or even a water bottle that is not complete cylinder.

Really impressed though with the hardware at this point, and first print jobs worked great, no complaints there. Love to see the software keep catching up.