Luban / Cura and Post processing

Hey admin or any knowledgeable people out there, I’ve got a question LOL.

So i’s had some super successful prints and some super not so successful prints… I’ve come to the conclusion that before you challenge yourself with larger more complicated prints you need to know the “LIMITS” of your machine so that you can engineer solutions to get around prints that exceed those limitations. IE, what angle do i need to generate supports??

Anyhow, long story short. I found a GREAT resource here for basic calibration that should be done in some cases every filament change and in others, just when making modifications. but the barrier that im presented with it that i dont know enough about code to be able to manually make the changes that i need to make to run these tests, specifically retraction towers and i dont want to just run the gcode made on some website for fear of my SM exploding in a giant ball of flames. I’m comfortable using cura because SM put out some profiles and start/finish code to do so so im making from the advice of the site above my own tests BUT for whatever reason its OBVIOUSLY not changing anything as it goes up the tower. the retraction does not change at all…

How do i make this work SM Forum brain trust?!?!

This doesn’t cover everything, but the 3D Print Guide on the forums has a lot of GCode available. The ones that provide GCode instead of models include GCode for all 4 SnapMaker variants.