First Modell Print

My First modell Turns out pretty great but I do have some print issues I think it is underextrusion. But im not sure

The Print speed for the outer wall was 25 mm/s layer 0,2mm
but the top layers are too visible I printed with 3 top layers maybe add some more for the next one


Wow that came out really nice i am really impressed

regarding the back side:

Try to do the following tests on this page:

Teaching Tech 3D Printer Calibration (

Extruder E-Steps and Linear Advance

These will make a big impact on that.

there is some definitely ringing going on there, which is normal out of the box, and the extruder is from the factory set poorly.

From there if you are using cura we can talk about some other settings, but on luban thats probably not really something we can address to easily

Thanks and i will check out the link.
And yes i sliced it in cura do you think i should adjust the retraction settings?

I dont think retraction has much to do with it,

ok since you use cura, after doing those two tests, do the one “slicer flow configuration”

after that i think you will be stunned at how it comes out

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Ok im gone do it like you say and im excied how it comes out :grimacing:

Looks pretty good, would very much appreciate a copy of your Cura settings, please. Or pointer as to where you got them from.

Hey im not at home right now but i will share the settings when im at home

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somehow cura didn’t save the print settings.
but I will print another one with new settings to see how this come out. And when it gets good I will share the new settings

I readed the link and its really interesting but I think I didnt understand it good enough to do it with my snapmaker maybe when I have more experience with this
i don’t find the silver flow configuration in the settings

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Revisit it another time

Cura has different tiers of setting difficulties, its actually a really neat system.

You may want to wait until you are more comfortable, but you can click here and select 2 different tiers of stuff, and then a final which has ALL the settings. you can also choose if you want to add specific settings or not, which is also awesome.

you can click that bar i have circled to see that little window come up.

i am very impressed with cura because of things like that.

these particular settings for flow are located under Material, there are some general ones and then later on you can be more specific with different types of lines.

yes I already noticed that you can change this and add up more options and wow theres a ton of it xD but if you’re advanced in all this its nice to have all these possibilities.
maybe its something with the translation bc im German an can’t find this setting

on “all” you can find it here under print temp:

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now I found them ^^
and with the reduced flow it has a good impact on the print ok lets try it!

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i dont know how much of an impact its going to make on its own but it definitely wont hurt to adjust it, the test result is a suggestion and may need to add a little more or less to it based on how the machine seems to be going.

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Thx i will test it :blush:

hello sry for the late rsponse been quiet busy the last days!
so I made a new cura profile with even better results but the print issue on the back is better but not gone. I noticed that my filament spool did not roll of easy and the printer needed to pull hard to get filament after this was done I thought it was gone but was not I even tried to calibrate the E-steps but I didnt got it to work.

anyway heres the Profil (1.3 KB)

Try to print something like this:

Snapmaker 2 universal rewind spool holder by SchnabsiX - Thingiverse

and also this:

Snapmaker 2.0 Filemant guide by da96jdm - Thingiverse

this has had a tremendous positive impact on my printing experience.

even if you can’t get the spring to come out right, the holder itself is great.

the spring is nice too and later on as you improve you can add that if you want to.

yeah I saw that a while ago but forgot it but thx for reminding me!
did you do the calibration with the e-steps?
bc i entered in the console the command M92 and M503%M500 but the response was allways just “ok”. can you help me there?

Yes i did e-step calibration and yes I can offer guidence there,

You can’t get feedback from the snapmaker over wifi, you have to connect via the USB mini port

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ah very nice thank you!
ok then no wonder why it did not work.
then I will test it again right after work tomorrow and maybe im not stupid and get it done xD
when not I will ask you if you don’t mind ^^