LOST.DIR at USB Display

ich bin Anfänger mit meinem Snapmaker 350T.
Bis jetzt hat der Transfer von GC mit dem USB-Stick wunderbar funktioniert.
Aber nun erscheint plötzlich auf dem Display unter “USB” nur ein leerer LOST.DIR-Ordner.
Das passiert auch mit anderen USB-Sticks.
Wer weiß, was da zu tun ist?

I am a beginner with my Snapmaker 350T.

So far, the transfer of GC with the USB stick has worked wonderfully.

But now suddenly only an empty LOST.DIR folder appears on the display under “USB.”

This also happens with other USB sticks.

Who knows what to do?

Thank you

Lost.dir files are usually created when a drive is pulled without proper eject/shutdown. Likely it was caused by pulling the USB drive from the snapmaker while powered on, since there’s no actual eject method for it.

However, if it’s the only file that appears on the USB drive, it could be from not ejecting it properly on your PC. Verify and backup the contents of your USB drive on the computer you use, then format it. Make sure you properly eject it before moving it as well. Otherwise, it could mean the USB drive is dying and needs to be replaced.

If you have only this directory it seems your toolhead is not recognised correctly.
Is it detected on the home screen?

Thank you very much for pointing this out.

In fact, the toolhehead plug was loose.