Files disappearing - gcode files not visible

Hi. A350, luban 3.15.1, Snapmaker2_V1.12.1_20210419. Built a larger .gcode file than normal for me - 29MB. 1st time, transfered via WiFi and started the print alright. Print worked OK until it stalled at about 9%. No response to anything on the touchpad. Power cycled and all of the files in the Snapmaker were gone except for a single .db file. Updated firmware on the Snapmaker. Re-sent the file via Wi-Fi, and Luban says it is sent, but it doesn’t appear on the touchscreer Local files. Exported the .gcode file to USB stick, but none of the .gcode files are visible on the touchscreen . It’s like it forgot that .gcode files are valid.

Looks like my issue relates to the print toolhead failing. I ASSUME that because the controller cannot detect the print toolhead, it doesn’t know what files to show.

@rauschhouse did you by chance hit that play button to send it to the machine?

@WilliamBosacker lol you may not be staff, but it sure feels like you are. We don’t see much activity from them anymore but here and there. It’s pretty much just down to everyone helping each other.

I was mainly asking if he hit that play button since he mentioned a frozen touchscreen the first time. Always freezes mine.

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Didn’t even know there was a Play button. I see it now, but have never used it.

@rauschhouse good, don’t. It crashed my touchscreen every time without fail. I was merely asking if you used it and it caused the first crash. As for the other issues, follow @WilliamBosacker’s comment, it’s the 100% proper way.

@WilliamBosacker, thanks for the detailed process. I tried to move files to the Snapmaker via this method, and by using a USB drive. I finally noticed and troubleshot that the Print Toolhead has failed. My guess is that since the touchpad doesn’t have an active toolhead, it doesn’t know what files to show you; laser, CNC, or print (.gcode)… The files are there, but the touchpad does not offer them up.

@WilliamBosacker it’s very plausible that the gcode generated for each function is stored in different locations, and what head is connected dictates what folder it will look at for the gcode. It could be detecting the head, but doesn’t recognize what it is and just gets stuck and does a “:man_shrugging:

For files to be visible the file type needs to match the tool that is attached.
.gcode for 3d, .cnc for cnc, .nc for laser.
If the tool is not being detected properly they won’t show up.

@sdj544 That’s why I think the machine is just getting confused so to speak. It knows something is connected because it doesn’t give the message “no tool head detected” but doesn’t know what. So it doesn’t know what files to pull up and just won’t see anything.

Until today the play button is all I have used since building the machine 4 weeks ago because it worked every time and the one time I sent a file the head crashed into plate.

Hi @rauschhouse! I have the same problem and just found this discussion. Unfortunately, all of @WilliamBosacker’s posts above are gone as his profile has been deleted.
Can you please tell me how you managed to solve this problem when the controller cannot detect the print toolhead?

Make sure that the Modules are being detected, especially the Head Module, and that all of the cables are connected snugly in their sockets with the power off. The files shown are based on the Head Module that is attached, so if the Snapmaker doesn’t find a Head Module, no G-code files will be shown. If reseating all of the cables doesn’t help, your only option is to contact Support.

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Thank you so much! I’ve found a disconnected port, I feel like a fool, but a happy fool because it’s not something more serious) Thanks again!

Hi. It’s been a while. I think the issue was that there was something wrong with the printhead itself. I replaced it and things started working again.

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