Loose Screw inside the Controller

Hello everyone,

i got my artisan today and i found out that i have a loose screw inside of the Controller.
Does anyone else have this Problem?
@Riskey Can u help me with this?

Hi Marxco, I’ve sent this pic to relative colleagues. Please wait for our response.

Hi Marxco, please take the following steps:

Caution: All the steps should be done with the machine being powered off.

  1. Shut down the machine.
  2. Remove these four silicon plugs and unscrew the screws behind them, after which you can detach the whole back cover of the controller.
  3. Take out the loose screw, take a pic of it and send the pic to me. We’ll help to identify where it belongs.

@Riskey Hi i got it out here is a picture!
I had to break the seal i hope that is alright.

Got it. We’re confirming where it belongs.

Hi @Marxco, could you please meaure the length and diameter of that screw? It’s hard to tell in the pic.

@Riskey Here are pictures with measurements :blush:

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Hi Marxco, we’ve confirmed that this loose screw won’t affect your use of the controller and machine. :wink:

Thank you :innocent: