A screw has come off!

Hi huys,
On this days I’m trying the CNC carving with my Snapmaker Orignal and today I’ve just seen that one screw comes off ffom my axis!!!
Fortunately I fount the srew and I just remount it but I also check the other screws and it seems they are loose… not really happy on this! Hope the QualityCheck passed my machine…
May I use some loctite or…?

Here one of the the screw that come off (red circle):

Hi Bullone,
Thank you for your feedback. I will surely feedback this issue to the QC team.
Currently, please kindly check all screws fixed tightly. Thank you again.

FYI: today I had another proiblem:

Hello Bullone, it seems that you have solved the issue by yourself. :smile:

Yes everything works fine now but to be honest I’m not so happy that just tight the screws an interference from the axis and the support of the bed happens.
Maybe you have something to check on the production or tolerances?