Anyone in the US have orphaned orders?

First off - I’m generally quite happy with my SM 2 and have invested several grand into it and have had top notch support up until now. For some reason when I ordered on cyber Monday weekend (Nov 25) my order was confirmed, I was charged and it has still not shipped. Like none of it. I would just assume it is supply chain or COVID stuff, but the really weird thing is I was super bummed I missed the original sale on the power supply and then bought it like 10 days later. That order was also accepted, I got charged for - AND has all arrived. From China. Over the holidays.

So here are my questions -
1: what email should I be talking to for my order support? I’ve been emailing and I have a ticket number. Is this the right email address?

2: Has anyone else had cyber Monday orders delayed? I got a new 3d printer head, stickers and cables.

Shipping anything from China is hit or miss. It can sail through customs, or sit waiting on an inspection. Really, anything international. I’ve had packages from Germany take 6 weeks to arrive too.

Everything I’ve ordered that ships from China gets a tracking number. The tracking number reports it was generated but never shipped. It doesn’t update to shipped until it clears US customs. As best I can figure, the package is controlled by a freight company of some kind, and they hand the package to FedEx after it clears customs.

That’s not just Snapmaker, it happens to the stuff I order off ebay too. Sometimes the package shows up at my door before FedEx shows the package in the US, but it’s gotten better in the last 10 years.

In other threads, I’ve heard that SnapMaker support is currently swamped by the J1 release and Chinese holidays. says is for Pre Sales and Logistics, and is for technical support. I don’t know how different the two aliases really are. If you have a ticket number, it doesn’t sound like it matters much.