Linear module seizing 2-3 times during single direction bed movement

I just completed a 17 hour print that worked perfectly, and suddenly my machine seems to be acting up.

I have noticed 3 things. When jogging my bed from the touchscreen, the Z axis wiggles up and down. It moves in the same manner every time when I jog the bed back and forth.

The linear modules under the bed are now clicking twice when moving the bed toward the back of the enclosure. The noise is not repeated when moving the bed forward. When manually jogging the bed, it stops about 20% of the tine near the same spots, and I want to say it sounds just like when the bed hits the end of the linear module. Almost like itself hitting a limit switch? Moving it 10 mm when this happens results in the bed only moving part of that 10 mm with a quick and sudden stop with a slightly louder noise than normal accompanying it.

The start position of my print files(both new, and old) is significantly off. Files that started in the corner of the bed are now starting about a 1/4 into the x direction of the bed.

I am running custom firmware from a community member for wireless lightburn laser engraving. Been using it for the past 3 months with no problems.

Wondering where I should start here. Should I be lubricating the linear modules? Reseat them? Reflash firmware updates onto my machine? I’m interested to see if anyone else has had these issues! Thanks for taking the time to read the post!

Your heated bed cable is not installed properly and it can be blocked at the rear end of the linear module, this would cause a cable hazard and broken cable.

About the Y linear module clunks, search the forum about, maybe the roller bearings in the modules need adjustment. Anyway this needs a lot of disassembling.

Your X and Z, this seems the false mounting hole assembling of the toolhead.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the response, I’ll be getting around to disassembly of the machine today to resolve some of these issues hopefully. I really appreciate the input!