Snapmaker 2.0 A350 - new modules upgrade - linear modules locked?

Hello All,

In December, I ordered the upgraded power, extruder, and linear modules for my original 2.0 A350, but I moved shortly after and put them in storage. Today, I got out the new stuff and installed it. After installation and firmaware upgrade, nothing works in terms of movement. All of the linear modules appear to be locked - won’t move at all when there’s power. They will move manually when powered down. To recap, I have the newer (upgraded) linear modules x5, power module, and 3D printing module. Everything worked perfectly with the old stuff. Homing doesn’t work, manual movement doesn’t work, but I can load/heat up the 3D printing module. Any advice?

Thanks in advance!

Firstly, try installing the old ones and see if they move. That’s what Snapmaker support will ask you to do. You cannot mix and match old and new liner modules, check that you haven’t.

Check the About Machine screen and see if it reads the machine properly. (if you don’t mind, take a picture). It determines what machine it is, by the length of the linear modules. If it does not know what machine it is, it disables the linear module movement.
Verify you installed the rails in the proper position. X/Y rails (Horizontal and holding the toolhead) should be the 20mm leads (they’re marked on the side of the linear module near the cable). The Z (vertical) modules should be 8mm leads. Unplug and replug all connections, verify the Z/Y combination adapter connections. After verifying all of that, test downgrading the firmware to 1.13.2, then upgrade back to the latest 1.14.3. This is to ensure the modules themselves are updated as well so they can report to the controller their programmed length.

Excellent - I will try to check the machine info and downgrade the firmware if necessary. I did hook up all the old modules and everything works like a charm. Now to unplug everything again! Thanks for the responses. Much appreciated.

Yikes! Now we are moving - but with a lot of noise. Did the calibration and it sounds horrible! Downgraded and upgraded the firmware. The thing sounds terrible when it moves on any axis!

Did you verify you had the modules in the correct positions? (20mm under the bed and the one holding the toolhead) Almost sounds like it’s trying to run them at improper speeds for the pitch. Also ensure they’re properly in the slots on the base so they’re not angled and fighting one another.

Edit: Also calibration SHOULD send the toolhead all the way to the left and the bed to the front (homing sequence) before coming down to measure the height. (make sure to have the steel sheet on the bed). So it feels like something is backwards in that second video.


Your wiring is definitely wrong. As @Skreelink said, homing is wrong.
Should move z-axis up first, then x-axis to right, then finally move bed to front.
And probably rails are installed in wrong locations.
Only the z-tower should be marked 8mm lead.
Make sure you’ve updated firmware.


Thanks Skreelink and sdj544! Operator/builder error - had one of the 8 and 20mm rails switched :frowning: Having old eyes sucks. Anyway - switched the rails and all is well. Thanks for the assist!

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Glad to hear it! Now enjoy the machine. :slight_smile: