New Linear Modules (X/Y) not stopping properly

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This is my first attempt in this forum. I got my new linear modules a few days ago, installed them properly, homed the machine - everything looks great!
However, when the X or Y axis moves towards the cable, the rails don’t stop but move on and make this awful sound…
See the new (Youtube) link below.

I opened a support ticket - however, it’ll take a while because of the holiday season. I really hope someone can help me out here!

Firmware 1.14.3, Snapmaker A350. Linear modules (20mm/08mm) installed correctly (so obviously, only the 20mm rails seem to be broken).

I appreciate your help!

Can you link to the video in a way that doesn’t require the person viewing it to download it first? Downloading unknown files from uncommon websites is an open door for computer virus/worm/trojan infections and hackers. You will likely get more replies if you are able to change how the video is viewed.

Thank you so much for telling me. I uploaded it to youtube, now everyone on this forum should be able to stream it!

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Did you update to the latest firmware before or after installing the new rails? You may need to force install the firmware again via USB drive. I would start with that, and then with the power off before doing any movements with the machine, manually push all the rails to their limit switches (non-cable end), then power on and see if the machine will home itself.

Yes, I updated when I had them newly installed. I even went back to 1.14.2 via USB.
I’ll try to re-update to 1.14.3 and then switch off. Thanks for your advice!

Hey, i guess your railes are switches.
Double check where the 20/8mm railes are mounted.

Share your M503 output here, there we could see the steps of your stepper motors per axis.
Not sure but i guess it should be a difference between because of the pitch.

I double checked about 10 times: X/Y axis are correctly mounted and yet are still malfunctioning.
Z axis is correct (8mm) and ist working just fine.

Installed newest firmware again, switched off Snapmaker, pushed back all rails to their limit switches, the machine could home properly.

Here’s my M503 without my bed-levelling status. However, I really lack of knowledge about this kind of Gcode.
G21 ; (mm)

M200 D3.00
M200 D0
M92 X400.00 Y400.00 Z400.00 B888.89 E234.49
M203 X120.00 Y120.00 Z40.00 E25.00
M201 X3000.00 Y3000.00 Z100.00 E10000.00
M204 P1000.00 R1000.00 T1000.00
M205 B20000.00 S0.00 T0.00 P0.05 L3.00 C0.05 J0.02
M206 X-19.00 Y-10.00 Z0.00
M420 S0 Z0.00
M301 P13.00 I0.10 D17.00
M900 K0.15

Hopefully, this helps?

Where is the platform going when homing? It should be coming to the front of the machine.

The limit switches are at the opposite end that the cable is coming out of. There are no limit switches on the other end. It calculates how far it can travel to the end away from the switches and should stop it before it gets to the physical limit of travel in that direction.

Triple check that you have wires plugged in correctly and the right modules in the right places. This really seems like an assembly error.


The platform is homing correctly, coming to the non-cable-side, activating the limit switches. I can hear it, I also opened the rails to double check if the switches are working.

Switched the X with an Y module… still not working. I can assure you that everything is assembled correctly. I intentionally switched the Y and Z axis once to see if it makes a difference, but then, nothing is moving at all.

So yes, 20mm/08mm rails are correctly installed, newst firmware, everything double and triple checked to see if the wiring is correctly… apparently, the machine skips the calculating step and just wants to move on and on…

still haven’t heard back from Snapmaker. It’s quite annoying having paid so much for new rails only to see that even hours of taking the time, nothing is working as it should…

Its curious, its a support case…

Check your endstops if they work properly.

SENDING:M119 Reporting endstop status x_min: open x_max: open y_min: open y_max: open z_min: open z_max: open z_probe: open filament: open

Did this feature occur even if you only connect one y axis module?

Edit, if you start your machine and terminal simultaniously, whats in the terminal written, which machine is detected?
Which machine is detected in Luban?

Maybe your endstop is built in too high, so the rail gets it too early?

Hi iMats, I’ve sent your case to my support colleague and they will get in touch with you asap. We just got back from our New Year holiday and are sorry for the overdue response.

So, the support team was able to help me.
I connected via USB cable and sent M502, followed by M500 to the printer. I also reset the touch screen. I then updated the firmware (again) to the current version and shut the machine off.
Et voila, it’s working just fine!

As of now, I don’t really know what the problem was, but I’m glad it’s solved :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you, Snapmaker support!

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Sometimes when you upgrade from an older version that they haven’t tested upgrading to the specific version that you upgrade to, the settings in the Controller and/or the Touchpad can get screwed up. When that happens, a Full Factory Reset can usually fix the issue, which is what they had you do. When Snapmaker fixed the WiFi issues related to changing your WiFi connection, the same thing happened, and a Full Factory Reset had us working again.

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