Left Only vs Right Only Prints

Is there a limitation with the print quality of right head? Over the past week, I’ve been playing with trying to get PETG to print nice, and it turns out my problem was printing with the right head. When I moved the filament to the left head, everything came out acceptable, whereas the right head was shockingly poor, and nothing seemed to improve it.

Both of these are printed with the same filament, with the same material and print quality settings. The only difference is that the smooth prints came from the left extruder, while the right extruder.

I know the right head isn’t articulated like the left head. Also when use Luban, some of the settings like layer height disappear for the right head.

I’ve used both heads simultaneously and I don’t remember anything weird like this, but maybe I need to try that again.

If you edit your gcode and replace T0 with T1 you should be able to print as nice as with the left extruder.

I guess the problem causes Luban.
My first guess is poor cooling, is your fan turned on, like with the left extruder?

I tried it again, and tried your idea of using gcode generated for the left rewritten to use the right (“hybrid” in the attached pic)

The difference in the heads is the only variable. It probably has something to do with left head having a servo attached to it, and the right one being free floating. Also keep in mind that the Z calibration is calculated by the left nozzle. The right one is probably out of perfect alignment with the left, and so z axis needs recalibrated or something.

If this is true, then the only way to improve your prints from the right nozzle is reseating the print nozzle and checking the alignment of the tool mount, the frame, the bed to the nozzles, and the level of the bed to the ground.

I’m going to make a two material print with petg in the crappy right side, and pla in the good left side. Maybe I should use the other way as well, but I think it’s going to a symmetrical effect, so there’s no point for reflex.

might be something to do with the hot end itself. If you just unload the filaments, you can simply swap the left and right hot end and check again.

Try swapping the hotend like @illuster wrote. Maybe it is not correctly seated and wobbles around?

Z axis or nozzle servo has nothing to do with because you don’t move the nozzle the whole print. The correct z calibration of the nozzles is done once and it’s only necessary for dual extruder printing.