Left filament feed tube getting caught between head and side of housing

I received my J1 in December. Since day one I noticed odd snapping sounds when printing. I found that they caused by the feed tube getting caught between the left print head and the side of the housing. After my last print I started removing the tube to replace it. Are there instructions for this task? Has anyone replaced the tube?

My printer did the same thing upon arrival, but after a couple of days at rest, with the tube placed to where it should be, this problem had solved itself.

If you want to replace the tube, keep in mind that it is not bowden tube but rather some special filament guide tube with a larger inner diameter. Replacing seems pretty straightforward though as far as I can see - just remove the metal clips around the tube on the back of the printer (hidden in the small slots of the black guide) and pull the tube out.

Where do I get the correct tube for replacement?


Brett Weems

My J1 was doing the same thing - PTFE filament tube chain was catching on one of the screws, dragging the filament tube and causing it to rub on the metal. I put a strip of UHMW (ultra high molecular weight) tape along the top frame to create a more slick surface for the filament tube to move over. Snapmaker is bending new chains and filament tubes to replace the ones that are damaged.