Guidance for the ptfe tube


i am not the most experienced maker and i don’t want to complain about anything… i just want to point out a thing…

Trying to print Fiberlogy Fiberflex 30d causes some serious issues… starting with the filamentholder, its not made for printing these rubberlike filaments… too much friction… this can be solved easily i thought… just let the filament hang loose… so there wont be tension… thats working. until you do use both extruders… i got the problem that teflon tube gets trapped and it is stopping the print… it is not a problem if it is happening once but it obviously can happen and does happen frequently…

probably i am not using the printer as intended but actually it is a construction failiure… i am going to print some clamps that positions the ptfe tube and leaves it the possibility for sliding… seams to be easy for solving that problem… thats the reason i mention it

sry for disturbing

mfg breitioO

edit: this is not how it happened but kinda… the ptfe tube stucks between the top plate and the extruder, stucking the rim and causing the print to stop… the extruder cant move anywhere, due to a lack of chance for turning of the motors, the print fails completely… simple issue simple solution, but its not possible to do anything, as far as i know

I had similar issue while printing Filaflex 60A. Fortunately for me, the part to print was small and I managed to just unwind the filament manually during the print.
I think for very soft filaments one would need to make a custom spool holder ala Ender3 or Sidewinder X1. I.e having the filament coming from the top, down directly to the extruder.

Unfortunately I can’t help much here but I would be interested to see if someone has a solution or successful prints with these types of soft filaments.