Filament feed problems?

I’m wondering if the right angle bend in the filament guide tubing as it enters the extruder is contributing to mine (and perhaps others) filament feed (or lack there of) problems. I’ve replaced them with Capricorn tubing and eliminated the right angle bend. We’ll see what happens…

Interesting - is it working? I didn’t want to make any large adjustments to the printer yet, but the clicking seems to be a feed issue and not the tube.

So far, so good. Just had a successful print that’s failed due to under extrusion 4 times…

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I wonder if clipping off the end of the end of the tube after the bulge would be enough to help.

I guess that wasn’t the problem as I had a jam in the Capricorn tubing and replaced the original tubes. I did straighten out the crooked end though

The bulge is movable, it’s over the tubing to provide more grip to keep the tube bent 90° to fit under the cover. I’m not sure I’ll ever use the cover anyway since I rarely print with anything other than PLA…

What’s the secret to removing the bowden tube? I’m pretty timid concerning repairs and such on a new machine I’m not familiar with but after the v2.2.21 update I got the error during a ‘copy’ that extruder one was out of filament. Full roll of OVV3D PLA Shiny Silk black/blue, printing at default temps, and had success printing the gimbal a couple of days ago just fine. I thought I’d replace the bowden tubing with Capricorn, recalibrate and try again but I’m having trouble getting the tube off.

There’s a “C” clip holding the tubing in a slot about 1/2 inch from where you feed in the filament. I tried capricorn and it made no difference. I put the original back on but straightened out the bend at the extruder end.

Thanks, saw that and figured that was the clip but as I said, rather timid, so when I couldn’t release it I gave up.
BTW, for anyone interested, I had not experienced any of the no filament errors prior to moving the bowden tubing further into the swivel/retainer clip, to get the full ring around the bowden tube in the clip. Make sense? I did a number of things after moving it back to where it was ( with the ring wedged in at the narrow end of the swivel), including reloading the filament, updating the firmware, and recalibrating. Printing fine again it seems. Again thanks, hh

I’ve done the same thing (replaced original bowden tubes with PTFE) and the feed seems to be working much better. I actually had the original tubing get a kink in it. Seems like the filament feed design wasn’t the best idea.
PS, make sure you use a tube cutter on the PTFE so you get a clean end on the tubing.