Dorr detection faulty

i get crazy with the doors detection with the laser on my brand new artisan. So far I did try all tricks that I could find in the forums or help topics, nothing worked.
so I ordered a new switch to replace the interior connector of the door as service told me that should be replaced.Got it today
BUT : I cannot remove the cache over it, it is screwed from inside , screw is under the cache. No simple way to remove that to access the electronic component. Then I tried to bypass it with the new part and placing a magnet on it, Did not work either
as far it seems that the door safety cannot be bypassed on the new firmware. that is a major problem, I loose hours and hours with no result
so has anybody a good idea or a trick ?

Support is the only people who can help you.

Hi Michel, sorry to hear that. You can submit a ticket to the support team at: Support Ticket Form

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