SM2 Laser calibration failed (nothing engraved)


I used the Laser module of the SM2 for the first time today. Followed the instructions on the screen, the laser was working ( saw the beam through my goggles/ the enclosure) but the wood surface was empty after the autofocus run.
I tried it 3 times, recalibrated the z axis (with the wood sheet on the baseplate) but nothing happened. The camera config seemed to work (blank sheet) but the laser just did nothing.

Any ideas?


Are your enclosure doors closed properly? As a safety feature, if the enclosure believes the doors are open it will not allow the laser to be used at a power able to engrave/cut anything.

To verify if this is the issue, you can disable door detection on your enclosure and try again. I believe this is done in luban but may be done on the touchscreen settings.

I will try, thank you for the hint!! I will try tonight

You are right, the door seems to be the problem. Will have to figure out what’s the issue with the sensor.

How do we post improvement issues? If a user sets up the SM2 and enclosure and then used the laser for the first time they can’t deactivate the door sensor before going through the first setup which will fail.

You could push this to
And or make a entry to the firmware discussion thread about, what to make different.

We will reevaluate the priority of the enclosure. Before we didn’t really consider convenience as we wanted the enclosure to provide as much protection as possible. So you can’t really bypass the door detection feature during calibration or the setup process. We will discuss this in our team. Thank you for your feedback :+1:

Happy to help.

I would ha e other suggestions too for the enclosure. Should I share them via mail

I just had this exact same issue. All doors are safe and secure, but no laser. Once I bypass the enclosure check, the laser fires. I’d love an indicator for whether or not Snapmaker 2.0 thinks the enclosure is open or not, regardless of whether you can bypass it during initial calibration.

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Ooh…good thought! Going to steal this and go post that over to the firmware updates thread.

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Yes, you can send us an email at if you have any feature requests. That way we can learn about the needs of our users and can make improvements accordingly.

Thanks for the reply. So are you not monitoring the ideas put forth in: