Laser Module Shift to the left

Hallo Together,
it seems I got a shift to the left while lasering.
I got a wooden workpiece with 400mm to 400mm an when I center my laser path so that the most left corner of my path got a gap to the left, the laser starts shifted left enyway.
It seems to be around 10mm shift left.
Is it possible to calibrate X and Y?

Not sure how to assemble Artisan, is it possible that it is missassembled like, you took the wrong holes to mount the modules or something similar?

Did you use camera capture or did you manually set the work origin?

The assamble is fine, it seems just a small calibration issue.
I used both, camera capture and manually.
first I thought its a bug with the picture of the camera, so I tried the manual positioning by measuring.
And now I’m here to ask if calibration is possible :smiley:
I need something like a small offset.

I think you have to ask support or simply move your work origin in Luban (is Luban the way you make autofocus in artisan?) and set it to the new point.