A350 Laser calibration lost after job finish

This has happened a few times now and is extremely irritating.

I install the laser module and do calibration (both camera and laser).

I then proceed to do an engraving on a 3mmx10inx10in plywood sheet.

Job finishes just fine and laser moves to rest position.

I put a new sheet on, set up the next engraving (no need to change work origin or anything, just load gcode), and press start. Suddenly the laser has lost its calibration and changed the work origin and is now grinding on the base plate before I can get to the off switch.

Has anyone else had this problem? I really shouldn’t have to recalibrate between every job of the same material…

When you use auto focus, strangely the work origin is set to middle of build plate.
I use manual focus now and the work origin is remembered.

I am having problems with calibrating the machine too. Do you think since the auto focus centers at the center of the plate. It makes sence to put the image in the center cross hairs on snapmaker luban? I calibrated everything with the camera, centered my engraving image over the camera capture of my engraving material in the top right of the grid on luban, auto focused, and ran, but the auto focus changed the origin (I should have ran a boundary again) and the laser started burning the top right of my aluminum plate.