Luban Camera Alignment

Just assembled my Snapmaker 2 and am trying to get it to process the “Gift Box” file. When I generate the camera image there are two black vertical bars dividing it into 3, but otherwise it looks OK. If I drag the image on to the camera scan and send the file Snapmaker it wants to cut in all the wrong places. What am I doing wrong?

You will almost certainly need to set the machine’s workspace origin to the front left of the bed to match the origin in Luban. Use jog to move the head to machine coordinates X and Y to zero and then click set origin. Use run boundary to check again.


I have the same issue. I’ll follow your advice too.

Thanks for the tip, that seems to have solved the problem, however the laser doesn’t cut, more woes!

Have you made sure that you have focus the laser correctly to the smallest dot? And have you set the power to 100% and confirm it on the touchscreen?

I was able to make progress by manually setting the origin to the lower left corner, thanks for that tip. But is there a way to synchronize the work origin between the machine and the workspace? (or permanently set it to the lower left?) My machine (set up with laser) is always using the “middle” of the buildplate as the origin.

this was not the case with the extruder attachment.


I’ve not found a way.