Laser failure, no line to calibrate from

Hello people,
Yesterday when I tried to calibrate my SM 2.0 trouble happened. I was trying to calibrate the laser and usually, the laser would engrave many lines and choose the best one and so on… but in my situation, it only gave me one line and everything else was faded(please look at the picture). So now I’m stuck and can not continue my work. I tried different wood types and still the same result.!

Can anyone help me with this…

There’s a problem on at least some firmware revisions with the laser getting too far away from the build plate and sticking there; see Camera calibration, laser too weak or too far away

Thank you for a reply, i managed to find the issue. My laser height setting for some reason became 43mm instead of 23mm. As soon as I did the correct settings everything came back to normal.