Laser engraving text

does anyone know where to find a manual how to laser engrave text (from the beginning to the end in a non complicated way)? I’m not even able to start. Every time I try to start and press the T only the word “Snapmaker” shows up and cannot be changed. I’m kind of stuck here…

Box on the right side of screen, has the word “Snapmaker” - erase that and type what you want there.

There is no box on the right side of the screen… there is literally nothing I can do. There are some fields with numbers but all grayed out.

Click on the text object (Snapmaker) to select it, the options should appear and give you chance to change the text.

You’re better off using a real graphics program to create text.
Inkscape and Gimp are a couple free options.


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Thanks. I will consider it.

After all I had to delete Kuban and install again and there it was: the text window to write my own text. Still not a dan of Luban.