SVG image to engrave without edge

Hello, newbie here.
I’m trying to engrave a drawing i’ve made in Affinity Designer and when I add the SVG to Luban it looks ok (out of scale but that’s not a problem). Anyway, when I hit process, Luban adds a rectangle all over the edge of the image, and then burns it in the wood. I just want it to engrave the vector, and it looks fine beforehand. Can someone help me? I couldn’t find a solution to this.

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This question has just been asked:



Oh, I read the first one but didn’t relate to it. I’ll try to work with it then. Hope for the best. Thank you so much!


Thank you so much! Now I know that I should be really careful about artboards and other components of my drawings. It was the artboard that generated the rectangle. Now it’s going perfect!

Again, thanks. Héctor.