Laser dead after two days of use

Can I please get some assistance on returning my laser module for a working one. I put in a ticket over 24 hours ago and would like to receive response. I live very close to Walnut CA, I can walk it in if you want to test it.

Hi Ralph,

Does this happen the first time you use the laser or after some successful engravings?

After successful engravings. It finished one and when I tried the next, no laser.

Ralph, I logged a ticket from my faulty 3d printer module over 4 days ago, I believe it can take upto 7 working days to get a response.

Hi Ralph,

Please follow steps in this FAQ and send the results back to us so that we can identify the problem. Thank you!

CNC turns on and off just fine.:wink: Plugged Laser back in and nothing. Laser does not turn on or focus. Tried different settings and still no laser. :frowning:

@RalphTPC has this issue been resolved? If so, how? New module?

How was this handled? I just received my kickstart unit yesterday and have submitted a request for replacement of the laser module since it will not light up at all (CNC is working fine). I am interested in knowing how this was resolved and if they charged you to replace the bad unit (shipping/tax…) given that it sound like mine is DOA.