Laser Barely Printing

My A350 laser was working great and now you can barely see the burn. I don’t know if I messed up any settings or what happened. The hood is on the laser. I have did the focal point numerous times and the test grid lines print out just fine.

Here is the Code that is being generated to just print on a 5x5 inch 2.5 mm wood square.


(Laser Page)
Jog Speed 3000 mm/min
Work Speed 140 mm/min
Passes 2
Pass Depth .6 mm
Fixed Power

(Controller Page)
help | h | H : Help Information
clear: Clear Console
v | V : Version Information
g | G : G-Command List
m | M : M-Command List

snapmaker-luban 3.14.0
Connected via Wi-Fi
G0 X15.99 Y3.09 F3000
G0 X15.99 Y112.34
G0 X103.49 Y112.34
G0 X103.49 Y3.09
G0 X15.99 Y3.09
G0 X0.000 Y0.000
M3 P5 S12.75

Printing Auto Mode (Checked)
Material Thickness 1.5 mm (Correct)
Laser Height 21 mm
Z Offset 22.5 mm
Work Speed 100%
Laser Power On
Power Setting 100%

You can barely see the printed words. Any assistance in correction my errors or problems would be greatly appreciated.

Did you update the firmware? There’s a bug with the laser and you need to go back a version.

I was running the initial 1.8.0 it came with. After the problem started occurring, I then updated to V1.12.0
I will attempt to go back 1 version to V1.11.4.

Update… I went back to V1.11.4 and reloaded the Luban software and everything is working again.
Thank you again.

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I know you have fixed this. But i also noticed a bug when connected and sometimes despite the Gcode setting the inital laser Power, it seems to be overridden by the workspace GUI. I cant reliably repeat this to determine the exact steps that cause this. But always worth a check on what the GUI is saying the laser power is set to after starting a gcode file and checking it at the value you expect. Especially if you turn on the laser to like 0.5% to visually align it.

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With Firmware V1.12.0, the laser power is limited to 0.5% when you open the enclosure door.

void Enclosure::HandleDoorClosed() {
LOG_I(“door closed!\n”);
if (laser.IsOnline())

Power limit definition:


If you find the laser light is weak when you use the machine, you can remove the enclosure cable from the controller and try it again.


Thank you! I will look at the differences between the GUI and controller.

Thank you very much!!!