Help with Snapmaker 350 Laser and Lightburn

Hey everyone! Longtime reader first time poster.

I am trying to cut plywood with the Snapmaker 350 1600 laser, I’m using Lightburn to generate the GCode. I have not imaged my SM with the modified OS that is on the Lightburn site.

I have the design created, I transfer the GCode via WiFi to Luban and then send it to the machine.

I set the origin and then tell the SM to run a boundary and it does. When I hit start the laser almost immediately starts drawing portions of my design out of the boundary off the wood and in the black grates. What gives?

Next the focal height of the SM laser is roughly about 22mm I believe, when it starts doing it’s thing with the Lightburn GCode it’s much lower and I don’t know why. I have tried adding the material thickness to the focal height on the Lightburn side panel and it still starts wayyy low.

If I run this design in Luban it seems to respect its own settings. However Luban is way less functional than Lightburn.

Any help would be appreciated.