Initial start up

I just got my machine. Put it together made sure everything was plugged in correctly and tight before powering on.
Turned it on and nothing.
Turned it off waited awhile then turned back on and the screen powered on.
I clicked start on the screen and it took me to a screen with a file name i clicked it and it says file not supported.
I got back out of that and skiped the start. Connected to wifi and found an update that i downloaded.
I had the 10watt laser connected and ready to go so i clicked on calibrate it had a warning about the 10watt laser I had to agree to so it knew it was connected. After that it kept saying machine not connected and wouldnt do anything.
I powered it of and on again 2-3 times and the screen wont power on again.
Wish I never bought this POS now. Could have gotten 3 machines for that price.

Double check all your connections, especially the USB C for the touch screen. I know there was an issue before with the connector being slightly too small and barely making connection. Emailing support with a few pictures/videos and they should send you a new touchscreen. This happened to me and they were prompt to fix it.

I checked all connections before powering on and doble checked that they were plugged into correct spots.
After powering on and nothing happened i powered of and checked again.
When the screen did come on the one time i couldn’t get the machine to do anything. It just said cant connect to machine but it did know i had the 10 watt laser set up.
I did email tech support because there is no other way to get ahold of them. With the amount I paid for this I shouldn’t have issues with start up.

What machine model do you have?

For Snapmaker 2.0, it seems your toolhead is maybe not compatible with your current firmware.
Try powering on with no toolhead connected and update your firmware.

After that power off, connect a toolhead, power on again and make the last update again.

It the 2.0 A350

I updated to the latest version before starting. I also tried the other smaller laser. Nothing.
Tech support is not doing much to help.
I tell them it wont move and they email in the middle of the night asking me what happens after it moves back to home position.
Over a week now of only getting one email a night from tech support that doesnt seem to uave a clue. And no mention of replacing the screen or any other part to get it working. Now they havent even re0lied t9 me in 2 days.
I have asked for a refund several times and they ignore that I asked for it.

I am a user like you and no snapmaker staff.

Did you the described process from my last post?

Make a video and share here.