Vektor lines from Incsacape our double paths in Luban

Hi, after creating a rectangle in Inkscape, I turn it into a Bitmap and export it as .png
Impotent into Luban 4.3.2 it is shown as on the left.

In Luban - selecting Vector image → adding a cutting process on the path (3mm, 100% default) —> creating the G-Code → Luban doubles each line and the laser is cutting two times (right pic)

How can I avoid this?

Thx Thomas

Try using a vector file format (SVG or DXF) and see if that helps. Currently what you have is not an actual vector image—PNG is a raster format. Note that Luban has bugs surrounding vector image import that you will have to tolerate or work around.

Or you can try alternative software (Lightburn for laser, Fusion 360 for CNC) to generate your gcode, and avoid Luban’s bizarre and buggy behaviour that way.

Ya, converting a raster image to vector is never going to be ideal. I’m guessing a 2 pixel wide bitmap is converting to a double line to built up width.

THX…unfortunately the SVG format did not work better
I will try to find a workaround

thanks to all replier

maybe the wrong thread, BUT I now have installed LightBurn but I didn’t get a connection via USB.
Sending a file to should connect but it does not.

Any thoughts or hints on connection Snapmaker laser with LightBurn???

Make sure baud rate is set to 115200


Try saving as “Plain SVG” format rather than Inkscape SVG format, or try DXF in inkscape, and make sure to set the Viewport size and Document size correctly. Also worth looking at the Line thickness/width on that path in inkscape.

Good evening @allanin

I also had the “double lines” problem when I created shapes with Inkscape. I searched for a long time and found no solution. In I could at least see the double line in the G-code. But I didn’t have the knowledge and the desire to get to grips with G-Code.

Lightburn was my saviour. Just load your double-lines.svg created with Incscape into Lightburn. Scroll into it and you will see double lines. Ungrouped in Lightburn, one line deleted and chapeau!

If you haven’t discovered @Skreelink 's guide yet, check this out.

Have fun