Is that a X-Men on my first layer?

That’s why I always have to babysit the 1st layer… Because of strange sh… stufff.

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Magneto is the one messing with the linear rails!

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The blue 3D printing tape may help you to get a better result.

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Thank you Edwin.
The photo is an extreme case, because that is the ‘unven’ side that I use for petg/tpu. That yellow petg is pretty bad quality and also seems to have some humidity. But instead of throwing it away I just do some suff that can have some errors/bad quality. The other side is working ok for now.
But it seemed funny that I can see a face in there…

I do the same with low quality filament. I still make sure it’s completely dry, then I use it for first run prototypes of my designs in case I need to go back and change the model because maybe something needs to be scaled up to make it stronger for example.

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That sure looks like Scott Summers to me!

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Welcome !! @a.davidshaw

All FDM 3D printing filaments are hygroscopic . That’s a fancy way of saying that the material likes to absorb moisture.

This hygroscopicity can wreak havoc on 3D printing filaments. As plastic polymers , they’re made of chains of molecules strung together. Moisture introduces water molecules that break up these chains, ruining the plastic and causing a whole slew of problems while printing.

But don’t fret. “Wet” spools of filament are easily saved, and proper storage can prevent future mishaps.

Here is an article for your reference.



Just for reference I’ll leave a pic of Scott Summers here .D

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