Oooooah look what happend to my Snapmaker

HI all

FUBAR: after 4 months of heavy use, my Snapmaker encountered its first trauma… when I was not looking for an hour, the print went awry and plastic melted back inside the print head and just kept going… wow this is going to need a bit of surgery to excise this lot… if possible.

I am actually OK with this… another piece of learning. After reading forums and articles I think that my run of success has been exceptional.

hmmm more lasering or start learning to use the CNC.

(@Daniel , suggestion for future design… food for thought to your engineers to stop back-flow and ingress of heated plastic into the print head. )

Another one of those cases pleading for a Z-height distance sensor mounted on the print head.

I have reasonable success with print bed adhesion using blue tape + printafix but you still need to watch the first layer.


This happened after a number of layers were printed. I watched it start and get going. I suspect that I should have used a RAFT to stop the objects moving. I had 3 batman logos on the print bed and they came loose after I stopped watching… and the photos tell you what happened next.

Have a great weekend


This happened three times to me. :tired_face:
I had to disassemble the print head to clean the nozzle.

I hope there is a method to let the machine stop automatically when something like this happens.

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Hmm. With an OctoPi you could have remotely monitored the job and even canceled it when it went south!!! Wink Wink. Smile.

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hahahaha, Octopi does not have an AI interface to tell me that there is a problem. maybe we need a HUD (Heads Up Display) to key an eye on the print when we are remote. Just so happens that a good friend of mine works at ZEBRA in New York and she is head up a team of of specialist designing/developing HUDS.

Have a good weekend @tone I am am still smiling and learning.


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I’ve had this issue before with some terrible PLA and poor calibration. I use some rough washing up thingies (Don’t remember the proper name, but they are good for cleaning pans) to wipe off the nozzle. It just happens with poor adhesion. Sometimes happen if the filament gets too moist.

This happened to me the other day, with ABS. I can disassemble the print head and replace things. The problem I have is that the set screw that holds the heater is impossible to remove, especially with the plastic in there. This is not included in replacement parts, so does anybody know the size of this screw?

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1.5mm hex socket head. The recommendation from the Snapmaker folks is to heat up the nozzle to soften the plastic before trying to remove it.


It turns out I was wrong, the set screw is included in the hot end replacement.

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Just had this issue as well. Chalk one up, although I stopped the print in time and it was just halfway up the nozzle and I was able to remove it without issue.

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Wait until your wife does this.