Meet Painter Tape Guy

I fount this site talking about the finer points of using painter’s tape, and tried his suggestions for a print.

Blue Tape for 3D Printing

It sounds like most of the main points are reasonable, but in my experience, heating up my bed higher then 50C causes warps or bubbles to form, the sides to pull back a bit, and the ends to start pulling up. And yes, I’m using Scotch(3M) brand painters tape.

I can usually pat them all back down with a wool/silicone oven or bbq smoker mitts. But a thorough cleaning of the sticker may clean it off, but the tape still lifts, warps and shrinks.

Ok, reading the rest of the site, he sells tape by the case.

I found the ‘better’ 3m tape for painting, the stuff with the green or orange writing that’s supposed to be great for clean lines while painting is terrible for 3d printing. It peels off too easily when the bed heats up. You almost have to heat the bed and then apply it. The cheapest 3m stuff works best.
Personally I hate blue tape. Too much of a hassle. I’d rather use glue stick.

The Scotch tape is too good for printing. The cheaper the tape, the better. I use the cheap white tape for printing PETG at 70C, and I have no warping or pulling up issues. I know people like glue too, and to each their own. I just like the convenience and cleanness of tape.