STEADYTECH it just me?

Hi, I got my first 3D printer (Snapmaker 3D) two days ago and was extremely impressed by the quality and packaging and had so much fun building it (anyone remember Meccano?) Anyway I got to work on attempting a print but the manual kind of drops you at the end and says “START PRINTING” I had no idea where I could get files or even how they got onto the machine. Eventually after a LOT of browsing I got an .stl file from Makerbot Thingiverse. It was the Gardena Nut (I havent tried the boat yet) and I spent 9 attempts at trying to print it. Even before that I couldn’t get the print head to home or even calibrate lots of thudding sounds and me becoming despondant. I decided to update ALL the software and firmware and that worked, but from then on the filament wouldn’t stick to the bed and I watched on occasions where the print did look like working when it just started squirting a ball of plastic and moving the print round the plate! I gave up. I had learned to adjust settings for temp and initial layer speed and width but nothing worked. I was using STEADYTECH PLA filament and decided to swap it for the roll that came with the printer (the white PLA). It worked, consistently…has anyone else had issues with STEADYTECH? it’s the transparent colour type. Obviously we have to do a lot of mucking about with these printers…when you see them in the ads they look so smooth and effortless! My floor is covered in little strings of failed prints!!! :slight_smile:

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Hey, what kind of filament is it?
Every type of filament has its own workpoint. Not every brand (and even not every roll in some cases) has the same print temp and bed temp.
I can´t find given print temp´s on amazon.
Print the first layer slower, maybe level the bed again till it is perfect and give it more extrusion width on the first layer.

For the future: pls write which slicer and what settings, etc you use.

Greets Chris

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Thanks Chris, sorry but I mentioned PLA in my rant :slight_smile: I understand what you mean about the differences…I just thought “plastic is plastic Eh?” . I did what you referred to for the first layer and that did make things better until I got about 10 mins into the print and it all went belly up! I also used hairspray on the plate and tried cleaning with an alcohol based cleaner…that plate is just non-stick!
When you mention which slicer i’m assuming the software? It’s Snapmaker v2.7.1

All the best.

Hey there are several threads about the first prints.
Maybe this helps you:

Feel free to ask again :wink:


Thanks Xchrisd. :blush: