Blue painters tape

Can we ditch the massively thick magnetic platform for something that is way less thick and use blue painters tape with glue instead? I was not a fan of the thick cover on the SM1 and have always used blue painters tape with a thin film of glue and printed loads of prints (ABS, PETG, PLA) but it looks like the heating is on top of the heat bed now and maybe that’s why they opted to go with such a massively thick “whatever” you call it to cover the heat bed on the A350. I am skeptical that the outer edges of the platform will be able to maintain 80c unless in optimal enclosure. can I get a build platform that doesn’t have all that “stuff” on it?

first print starting and its a decently large one that I could not print on my SM1. using hatchbox black ABS.

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The magnetic platform works fine… no tape for me. Do what is comfortable for you.
Good luck with your big print

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about 38 hours into the print and all seems well with the new heat bed and magnetic thing. have been testing often with temp gun and have not found any times it has dipped below 78c. print should be done sometime in the early morning tomorrow MDT. using hatchbox black ABS filament.


Excited to see the print quality of your SM2!!

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The print has finished, it turned out great actually and adhered to the bed so well I broke it while taking it off. I should have known this would happen as the last time I tried to print on the SM1 bed thing they sent without a raft the same thing happened. I have ruined one side of my magnetic print platform, hopefully I can get the material that adhered to the bed so well scrapped off and then can use painters tape and some glue. Honestly have never been a fan of the surface they send as you are almost required to print a raft which IMO is such a waste of time and material as well as major adhesion issues. I have been printing the same ABS and PLA on my SM1 using painters tape and thin film of glue for about 2 years without issue. Snapmaker please sell a magnetic platform that has none of the “junk” added or release a file that allows me to waterjet cut my own.

Did you bend the build plate as instructed in 3d printed videos?

Yes, it was my fault should have known not to print directly on that surface without a raft, will add some painters tape for the next print first I need to get a new magnetic platform or maybe they will release a file so i can cut my own out of stainless.

Obviously it needs to be Magnetic. Only certain grades of stainless are magnetic.