Is it possible to pause printing, remove pieces, and resume?

I have the Snapmaker 2.0 - A350. When doing multi-piece 3D prints, some of the pieces don’t stick to the bed and therefore don’t print. However, the printer doesn’t know there was a problem so it continues to try to print those pieces which ends up making a mess - loose piles of filament being dragged across the bed.

Is there a way to pause a print job, remove the pieces that aren’t printing from the .gcode file, and resume printing?

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I’ve never heard of such a feature. I personally would recommend to print the parts one after another rather than in parallel. While I understand why you want to do it, I find layer adhesion better if the time between two layers being piled upon another is as short as possible. Also you reduce the risk of warping issues.

Is there a way? Yes, but only technically. Use Simplify3D, remove the failed parts from the layout, and instruct it to begin slicing at the height that it failed at. Start the new gcode file and it should resume where it was.

I agree with @Hauke, don’t do that unless you really have to.

If you want to go the Octoprint route, there is a plugin just for that: Exclude Region
And as an alternative: OctoPrint-Cancelobject

Cancelobject needs support from the slicer but allows your parts to be much closer together and looks “easier”.

I haven’t used either myself yet, just know it exists.


I use cancel objects with octoprint and it works fine. Only problem, when you print with supports, it cancels only the model, not the supports!

I frequently ask myself how many years out such a undeniably useful feature will become a simple, standard thing.

I recon at least 5 more.

C00l! I think I underestimated OctoPrint community :slight_smile:

In 5 years nobody will ever use 3d printers anymore.
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No sorry - thats too unrealistic. But voice control will be possible. For example “Tea, Earl Grey, Hot”

I kinda have that going now, although it doesnt seem to have progressed very far in a few years.


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although, i do love it and have a lot of routines set up :smiley:

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