When? - Pause/resume feature (Marlin or otherwise)

The lack of ability to use the Marlin, or any other, inline pause/resume functionality with the Snapmaker 2.0 is very frustrating. It limits our ability to make more complex single piece prints with things such as embedded magnets, filament changes for color or material, and other tasks that are part of what appears to be the standard base functionality for most 3D printers.

When does the Snapmaker team intend to provide this functionality?

I’ve seen plenty of posts in the forum on this topic but no real solutions beyond cutting up models and printing in segments to then re-assemble (complicated and not ideal for best results) to using OctoPrint (which requires time and technical expertise).

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This popped up as suggested topic, althouh it is old. Since no one has answered and there now is a kind of solution, I’ll throw it out.

Since firmware Snapmaker2_V1.12.1 you can use M600 to change filament. While not exactly the command you asked for, it can be used to achieve what you want. This command will pause the print, move the printhead to allow for a filament change and then continue. You can use this to insert nuts/magnets to your print and then continue (you don’t have to change the filament, just ok to continue).

NOTE: If you need to upgrade the firmware from an older version, there are two things to be aware of:

  1. Some version of firmware changed the way z-offset gets stored and unfortunately introduced yet unsolved problems. There is a workaround, but it is quite a complex issue. There are several threads about this you need to read first.
  2. Some version of firmware required all toolheads to be updated. If you have older firmware you will need to do this (takes a bit more time), but more importantly, you have to click through the initial help screens for each tool, before you can do this. This is well documented in another thread.