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found on eBay a cheap magnetic base led light which some might find useful…

AC 110V-220V 30 LED

$4.54 USD…


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Looks cool. Great price. Don’t know if there is much that is magnetic on the SnapMaker that it will stick to!
Perhaps make a steel plate for it to stick to that can be fastened to one of the axis housing.

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I just got done printing a pretty small figuring that I had put a brim on, and now I’ve gotten the figuring off but the print has stayed up and scraping with the spudger doesn’t seem to do anything. What’s the best, non-damaging way to clean off the print bed? I tried having the bed heat up to see if it would be easier to scrape off warm, but that didn’t help.

Thanks! Picture of leftover brim below:

Have you tried prying from the edge of the brim? Once the edge lifts up, it’s easier to get the rest of the brim off. If the spudger edge is too thick/blunt, you can try using an xacto blade to get under the brim. Just be careful to go more horizontal than vertical because you don’t want to cut into the bed surface.

Yes, I tried prying from the front lip, back lip, and from the insides - nothing seemed to budge it. I can certainly try a razor blade, was just trying to avoid that route in case anyone else had any tricks up their sleeves.

Hi All. Does anyone know if there is a way to Pause during printing so we can do a color change on the filament? I wasn’t sure if I should it “stop” and then go thru the change filament and then try to go again- or if “stop” truly stops the print and does not pick up where it left off.

@Jen “stop” does the latter; it truly stops and does not pick up where it left off. At the moment, there is no “pause” function, but it’s a feature in the works according to someone from Snapmaker in this forum. I think we all would love that feature.

Agreed! I really would love the ability to do that!

You can pause if you’re running your SnapMaker through an OctoPi/Print set up.
I think, but I’m not positive that you may be able to generate GCODE through Cura that supports pausing for Filament changes? I’ll have to investigate that some unless @doug beats me to it! :wink:

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I bow to your ever growing expertise on many of these matters I am back playing with robotics again and will come back to Snapmaker when the new 1.6w laser is available via coupon

Take care and have a great weekend


Hi, can someone tell me what maintenance the Snapmaker needs. Do the snails need to be oiled or greased? If so, how often and with which oil or fat?

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Good question, nothing runs forever. Thanks for raising it.

hahahahaha, personally I get lubricated with a good single malt whisky to keep me going


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Hi, check out this post:
Lubrication of the Linear Modules

You might also want to check out this post at the same time: lead screw nuts

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