Pausing a print

Hello,i got my Snapmaker 3 Weeks ago and since then it runs nearly all the time, what a great product. Printing quality is very decent, the possibilities for the price are great.

Is there the possibility to pause a print? I’ve done several long time jobs (the longest 50hrs) and that time i hat 2 metres of filament left after 50hrs printing.
if i can pause i could replace the filament before the print fails because of running out of filament.

Also muting the fan of the controller board and printing head when the printer doesn’t print would be fine, it’s a little loud.

This was one of the top requests in the “Expectations for next version” thread for the firmware, so i expect it will come pretty soon with a firmware update. Def needed to switch back and forth with different filaments if that’s something you do, but yes running out is important to switch too!

Pausing is a must have feature. Is there any update on this being included in the firmware? I’m printing some fishing lures and need to pause at certain layers to insert weight balls, steel wires etc.

I see that one way to implement this in Snapmaker 3D itself as gcode currently supports pausing So if someone could find a workaround, please do post.