Initial 10w laser calibration fails to complete

I have an A-350 off KS with upgraded linear modules running V1.14.2_20220113 with Snapmaker Luban 4.2.3

I have used the 1.6 watt laser successfully before have about 100 hours of usage on it

I plugged in the 10 watt laser today, successfully completed focus and calibration. When I went to use the laser is when the trouble began. If I manually focused the laser it would crash into the board. Auto focus always said laser height was 177 mm.

I removed the 10 watt laser
I factory reset the snapmaker, ran the M502 and M500 command (as found here)
reinstalled the 10 watt laser and now I cannot complete initial calibration.
I followed the instruction of this video and calibration fails at 3:46 with:

the error 'Failed, Please retry. Possible causes: 1. The red dot is not captures
2.the ambient light is too strong.

At this point you cannot proceed with the process.

I have power cycled the device several times to see if I can over come this. I have turned the lights off and then on to see if ambient light was a problem.

I connected via Wifi and I can bypass the initial calibration however since focus is at 177mm it is way off.

I removed the laser module and inspected the camera lense to see if it is dirty and it is clean.

I have a second problem (which I’m not sure is related to this one) and that is the laser printer always goes to the top of the Z axis and does all laser printing on a single line, no matter how but the print area is.

I have loaded up the preconfigured jobs like the fox head but it suffers from the same problems (Focal length to far off and only printing on a single line)

I can only do one pic per post since i’m ‘new’

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I guess i’ll open a ticket

That’s probably the best decision. There’s been a few users posting issues with the 10W similar to what you described, but I don’t think there’s been an easy solution found. Support is your best bet.

Thanks for the validation. I just wanted a second set of eyes to make sure it wasn’t something simple I had done wrong.

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Hi Horatus, same thing happening here. Brand new out of the box (packaging was stunning!) and won’t calibrate. Keeps saying failure, retry. Did you get anywhere with Snapmaker support?

Actually it’s working now. I turned the machine off, disconnected the laser, downloaded the latest firmware, copied it to USB, restarted the machine. In the menu went to firmware update, updated firmware. Once finished, turn machine off, plug in laser, turn machine on, then it works.


I can pass auto calibration now, however it always come in at 180 ish mm. i’ve been manually focusing before jobs.

Have you had any luck with the camera capture as background being accurate?