Incorrect magnet placements on A350 enclosure cause unsafe work condition

Either the magnet on the front folding door is incorrectly placed or the magnet on the 24 beam A350-3 is. The door does not magnetically close. In this image, you can see the magnet on the door is too low to attach to the magnet on the door.

The magnet inside the door handle is placed wrong. I think it’s just secured with adhesive. You could always try to get it out of there clean up both surfaces, get fresh 3m tape and fix it’s placement. I don’t understand how this causes unsafe working conditions like you say though.

Door must close for the sensor not to trip. when using laser or cnc.

You CAN turn that off, but it’s not a hazardous situation. I suggest fixing the magnets placement though.

That magnet is used to secure the door when you need to close.
In your picture, the door’s magnet does misplace.
You can contact support to see if they can help you with it.

Also, you use the hair dryer to heat it up and then reglue it.