I need a post-processor config file (.pp extension) for Vectric's Aspire CNC program

I need a post-processor config file (.pp extension) for Vectric’s Aspire CNC program. I need it for the Snapmaker Original AND the 2.0. ArtCAM, Fusion360, and Freecad config files provided by Snapmaker do not work.


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As we are working on improving Snapmaker 2.0 machine, we only offer post-processor file for the mainstream CNC Softwares, including Fusion 360, ArtCam, and FreeCad. If the need for the corresponding file for Vectric’s Aspire CNC program is huge, we can make a plan to make it due to it needs much time to do it.

I have recorded your request and forward to the tech team, and I cannot assure you that we can do it right now.

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Thanks for your feedback!

snapmaker-aspire-configuration.zip (7.4 KB)
This is the post-processor for Vectric`s Aspire CNC program.Instructions and notes in the README.md file.
It should be noted that the “Feed rate” and “Pass Depth” of the Tool Database,It is recommended that the “Feed rate” should not exceed 600mm/min and the “Pass Depth” should not exceed 0.4mm.

Subsequent updates will be posted on

Looking forward to your feedback again.

How well does this work. I have looked along time ago and then stopped my searching. I have carve desktop will this work

Can we bring this thread back to life. The post processor seams to work. But when i try to transfer the file from the sod card to the lcd it refuses to transfer it tries but no dice