Laser module Vcarve/aspire


Have you tried the laser module from VCarve ?
Basically, does it work for snapmaker?

There is an earlier thread about this but it doesn’t seem to come to a conclusion.

There is also a Post on Github.

Hello, this is for CNC. I am referring to laser here.

Looks like the Vectric laser module does GRBL flavor gcode. It’s not natively compatible with Marlin. But there’s a project from @ElloryJaye to make a translator. Alternatively, a custom firmware with MOTION_MODES enabled will allow it to run. Alternatively, a regex is usually all that’s needed to make it run.

If you are looking to buy laser software, I’d recommend Lightburn. If you already have Vectric and want to make it work, it’s possible, but it will require some kind of fix either to the exported files (every time) or to the machine (once).