I must be able to keep my enclosure open

Since I use an extractor for the chips when CNC milling, I must be able to keep my enclosure open.
as of Luban version 4.8.1, this is unfortunately no longer possible, as I can no longer set the monitoring inactive. Am I missing something or do I really need to go back to 4.7.3?

You can either input manually into the console, or create a macro containing this line;

M1010 S0

Which disables the door trigger, or disables it via the touchscreen before starting your project. Swapping S0 to S1 reenables it.

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Hello Skreelink
many thanks for the help.
Where can I find this S0 and S1 on the touchscreen
I don’t know about macros either.
Maybe you can help me?
thanks in advance.

On the touchscreen you swipe over and tap the enclosure app, then the blue settings button. You can toggle the door detection there.

Macros in Luban are on the right side in the workspace. (you may have to scroll down a little)

Screenshot 2023-08-17 105931
Click the + button, and a box comes up to make the macro. Fill in a name, and the code above will make a new macro in the list. Simply click the play button to run it.

Door Detection off:
M1010 S0

Door Detection on:
M1010 S1

Just to add on the A350 I had issues with one of the firmwares recently (months ago now) where door detection gcodes and touchscreen toggling was ignored and therefore open door detection couldn’t be disabled.
I downgraded my controller firmware and was able to carry on lasering larger pieces with the door open (sealed room with remote control and blocked windows + extraction, safety first!)

All right thanks a lot!!!

Far simpler but not as elegant is this.
The door sensor is a magnetic reed switch.
Just place a small magnet on the switch with the door open.
You may need some tape to hold the magnet in place.

thank you goal achieved.