I love the Snapmaker A350T!!!

Since yesterday the 14.01.2022 I am now also the proud owner of a Snapmaker A350T including housing and all other additional modules.
And what can I say, Snapmaker and nothing else comes into my house.
The machine is really well thought out, everything fits together perfectly, all screws and connections are worked accurately.
And the work that the machine performs, wow wow wow I come from the amazement no longer herraus.
Have already lasered and had the 3D print head in use, with the milling I’m still waiting because I print me in addition to the enclosure still a Abssaugung.
Will in any case times show a few projects here.

Many thanks to the Theam of Snapmaker really a super great 3 in 1 device I can not say otherwise.

One wish I might still have, which is still missing is a handwheel for CNC operation, but I think even that will come.
I’m looking forward in any case to any expansion, because as simple as that is plugging in and the Snapmaker recognizes it absolutely great.

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