In Praise of Snapmaker 2.0

I purchased my unit, and subsequent updates and add-ons throughout the past 17 months… due to various reasons, all sat patiently in their boxes until now! From the initial opening of the Snapmaker box, to a test run with the original 1600W laser, I could not have been more impressed - from the quality of the packaging, to the quality of the unit - ALL top notch!!! My only ‘ding’ would be in the documentation, there’s no differentiation between the use of the 20mm and 8mm linear guides… a quick search solved that, but it would have been nice to have that in the very impressive “Quick Start” guide! I would recommend this unit to any and all that have an interest!!! Keep up the GREAT work guys!!! Thanks


I (80 years young) fully agree, certainly after using the A350 for more than a year without any problem. Design, documentation and packaging: top quality.

Likewise I have had mine since January this year and only suffered one clogged nozzle which I replaced. It’s a superb printer. I do plan to get round to the laser side and CNC one day but that’s a way off due to space and a cluttered home office/man cave.

There was me thinking I was one of the oldest here (61 getting on 62) but you beat me by years. I’m impressed, I tip my hat off to you @Snapjehet. I hope you have many more years ahead to enjoy the Snapmaker.