How to sink Z modules in home position

My A350 CAD Setup (In Home setting,) My Lt Z module is 1/8 in higher than the Rt Side Causing the cut depth to to be lower the rt side. Every other axis is correct. How to sink both Z modules to match.

During assembly did you put your hands at each end of the linear module, and then move the X
axis to the top as indicated in the assembly instructions?

Turn off the SM.

Push the linear modules to the end stop.

Power it up.

All should be synchronised.

Yes I did. Th are out Of sink 1/8’’ difference in length when I set to home position.

During their initial assembly of the linear module how Are the preset?

Are both z modules and their brackets correctly seated in the cutouts?

Share photos of your machine and where it’s asking to level the last point. From front at bed level and from front at z-height looking down.