How to set laser focal point


I have the original Snapmaker model and would like to cut some easter decoration. With trial and error I am unable to set the laser focal point. The manuals do not mention how to do so. The help pages list numerous potentially helpful pages, that all deliver a 403 Forbitten error.

Sorry if this was too basic, but for me this is the ultimate road block: how do I to set laser focal point on the orignal Snapmaker?

Thanks for hints

Hello. If you have a scrap piece, you can use the “calibration” menu. If you have the laser module connected it will start an autofocus calibration. Is this what you are looking for?
you may need to know the starting thickness of your materials.
Also, when you start a job using a usb stick you will have an option to use the auto calibration, or to set your own focus manually.

Thank you for your tips.

I have the original Snapmaker. With the laser module fitted I have these options:

Top menu

In the Controls section
Jog Mode
Set Origin
Laser/CNC on/off

In the laser on/off I can do just that: switch the laser on and off again. As soon as I go into Job Mode, der laser turns off.

When I try the full range in the mode (full range from top to bottow of Z-axis) I can get the laser from little blurred to much blurred. Never seen it focused. Also I can load a file and run it. All it does is to project some light on the material.

Where is that magic calibration menu?
Or how would I enable auto calibration?

Thanks for your time to get me going.

Oops… yes, you are right. I was talking about the snapmaker 2. I do not remember exactly how the focal point worked on the original…

You checked and these links aren’t working for you?:


These two links are working for me.

Thank you.

These links works for me. The manual I have in paper form. It ends sharply just before it gets interesting. In the video they set the focal point via software from a PC connected by USB cable. Seems this is the only way to do it. Means I need to change the setup of my office fundamentally.

Thank you for you hints.

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I always do everything manually. Auto-calibration, setting height, etc., just a waste of time for my workflow. Besides, they never worked anyway for me.

So is there a way to set the focal point manually? How is it done - on the original Snapmaker, without USB connection / in standalone mode?

I found it eventually by trial and error.
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Wait, HubertD! what did you do on your trial and error? I need the same thing.


Hi Joseph

oh dear, I fear I can’t remember.

One of my false assumptions was that I could cut (using laser) disconnected from the PC. It only works connected. What I don’t remember is whether was my first or last error.

Sorry, I could not be of more help.