How to factory reset my device?


Anybody knows how to factory reset Snapmaker? I have problem with my wifi connection and want to start over a new setup. 

Thank you for your help!

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you should be able to change you WiFi settings in the Settings tab (maybe you need to enable the experimantal mode)

This confused me at first when I initially setup my A350.

You can access the WiFI settings by swiping left/right on the touchscreen. This will switch from the file selection screen to another with more options.

This was posted on Facebook, I haven’t tried it:

  • Connect your computer to your snapmaker with the mini USB cable
  • Open the snapmaker luban software and connect to the snapmaker through serial.
  • Type in M502, then press enter (this resets the printer to factory default)
  • Type M206 X-17 Y-8, then press enter (this sets the homing offset)
  • Type M500, then press enter (this will save the new settings)

You need to first enters in development mode from the touchscreen. To do this, goes to setting -> about machine, then just press on the screen about 5 times consecutively (just as how to get development mode in standard android).

Then there will be two more icons on the main screen. Go to Experiment -> Preference -> Reset all. This option will clear out the on screen settings including calibration values (also the wifi thingy). But not the EEPROM from the controller (so all the G and M gcode settings)

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I’ll give a try… from your inputs.

Thanks folks!

Hi khyeung,
couldn’t get in development mode with 5 taps. Any specific area where to tap? I tried different locations on the screen without success.

Sorry for my late reply

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I tried both M502 via USB and Erase All via touch screen, but none of these erased Wifi password.
How do I delete Wifi password?

Same issue here with the WiFi password:

Still waiting for fix!


I habe the same Problem!

Hi Tone,
Why -17 and -8? Just curious where those numbers came from.
I did the total factory reset using the dev mode. Then updated the firmware. Then put in what you have here. I think the original owner screwed around with a bunch of setting because all my axis center points changed. Now I have stickers on the three heads indicating build plate center and it all works when I’m changing heads to CNC on something I’ve printed or lasered. No more screwing around trying to eyeball it.

That’s the distance from the two edges that the zero is “offset” from.

So for clarification. If I move my head full deflection from one side to the other; then it would be the 230 mm plus 17 for each end. That seems like a lot. Or is there more room at the beginning of the x-axis than there is at the end?