Hot end/ nozzel

Is there a way to use the nozzle from a ender 3 and attach it to the hot end of the snapmaker 2.0 as I require using filament that recommends it hardened steel end or Ruby end.

They both use M8 Nozzles so don’t see why not. To be safe, fit the Ender nozzle, slowly move the head down to the bed until the nozzle touches it, like on a calibration and the proximity sensor should be 1mm, about a credit card width from the bed. Much more and this might cause a problem. Make sure you do a calibration before you print.

That’s what I thought is there a guide for removing the actual nozzle from the nozzle assembly? I just don’t want to damage anything as I need use of the printer and I don’t have a spare nozzle assembly yet. I’m almost surprised one didn’t come with it in the box. :man_shrugging:

Better than most, it comes with a spare complete extruder hot end kit.
Just replace the nozzle on the spare, unscrew it and screw in the ender one. You need to make sure that the tube into the top of the hot end is still tight or filament will leak

Well I didn’t seem to receive a replacement hot end in my kit so that’s not great…

That’s a lie I found the one that came with it and I cannot get the metal end free no matter how hard I twist on it.

I torqued mine off in the hot end, and I haven’t gotten around to drilling it out.

Some people have recommended heating up the hot end, then unscrewing the nozzle while it’s hot.

Turns out I smoked a little too much and was turning it the wrong way I managed to break it free with a simple 6 mm socket and added the new end with an 8 mil what I’m realizing is the Ruby nozzle I wanted to use is action m7 so if anyone wants it 40 bucks us I’ll ship it to you let me know 🤦

The Snapmaker 2.0 uses MK8 nozzles with M6x1.0 threads. The same nozzles used on the ender 3 and CR-10

Anyone want a ruby m7? 🤦 I ordered the wrong size :sob: -90$ cad