A finer nozzle __


Hi Everyone,

I was wondering if anyone has given a smaller diameter nozzle a try on the Snapmaker? Anyone?

I’ve been thinking about this, and wondered if anyone had any recommendations. Will any nozzle do? Or are there certain types we should be looking for? I know that the type of media has much bearing on the metal of the nozzle, but what about simply dropping the diameter to 2.5, or 3mm?




I’ve tried following nozzle diameters:

  • 0,20 mm
  • 0,30 mm
  • 0,40 mm
  • 0,50 mm
  • 0,60 mm
  • 0,80 mm
  • 1,00 mm

Working fine!


Thanks Michael!

.20mm I didn’t even know they made them that small! Where do you get these nozzles? Is there any particular specifications that need to be met? Size… thread count… metal type?

I was looking at these… will these work?

Thanks again.



The thread is M6.
If you don’t want to print abrassive filaments the Olsson Ruby are pretty expensive and maybe you won’t get better results with them.

I bought these ones made of brass (standard) - €10 for 20 pieces:

Sorry for German language…


Kein Problem. Danke für Ihre Antwort.

Hah, my german isn’t very good… I hope that came out right! Thank you for your reply!