Hot End Specifics

Can anyone please tell me what exactly is the specific Hot End that is used in the Snapmaker A350 2.0?
And how to properly get replacement nozzles for harsher such filaments as wood or glow in the dark? Thank you.

its a proprietary hotend but any MK8 nozzle will work, plenty of steel ones etc on amazon.

I dont think you need it for wood, but you should get a .6 mm nozzle instead of the .4 that normally is used (only if you use anything but luban for slicing anyhow). unless your going to print a ton of glow in the dark i would probably say just use the brass one and change it out cuz the steel ones require different temperature and testing etc…

or olsen rubys if u want but thats like 80 dollars lol

im not convinced my snapmaker is worthy of an 80 dollar nozzle. at least not as it currently performs.